As our schedules became jam-packed over the last few decades, home lost its luster. We all wanted one but had no time to actually “be” in one. Our view of home evolved from a sanctuary to simply a stopping place. We got too busy. Then the pandemic happened, and we had to reevaluate our view of “home”. In essence, it forced us to “return” home. And if you are going to be at home, what better place to be than in a home theater? During Covid, home theaters experienced a renaissance. Living rooms are fabulous gathering spaces, but there is no better way to watch a favorite movie or series than from a home theater. Theaters take viewing to the next level. With in-home entertainment from Netflix, Amazon Studios, Hulu and cable/network TV easily accessible, we can view the most creative storylines from the comfort of our homes, providing a much-needed respite from our chaotic lives.

Stadium seating is perfect for a home theater. It gives everyone the same view without blocking the screen. Comfortable reclining chairs or sofas work well as an alternative. They can be covered in soft leather, or fabric. Surround sound is key to get the full effect of the soundtrack, but a Sonos system is an excellent substitute. For in wall speakers, the trend now is to install speakers that are drywalled in for a seamless application. A windowless theater makes for the best viewing, but utilizing blackout drapes can work wonders. Consider using recessed lighting that can be dimmed. Chairs with built-in LED lighting replicates that found in an actual movie theater and provide the ease of walking in and out without risking a misstep of the stairs.

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